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We ideate and produce engaging photo and video shoots with ease, enlisting a roster of top freelance talent from a variety of disciplines, and deliver quality creative output within budget. Our focus is to create rich and visually stimulating content for targeted audiences we help define. We also bring over 20 years of graphic and layout design for both print and digital.

 Industry Experience 
 Creative Energy 

We are a friendly bunch adept at finding creative solutions for clients both big and small. Whether it is a specific campaign or brand content creation, we adapt to handle a range in scope, of creative work. We are used to scaling up the team as needed as we work with a larger group of talented freelancers on a regular basis.

 Exceptionally Fresh 

Whether your project is brand new or you’re seeking a fresh perspective, our team can find a spot-on strategy and solution that will more than just meet your needs.


 Collaboration Excellence 

We listen, conceptualize, collaborate and execute with you. As a result, we produce intelligent content to make your brand vision happen. With our experience in both small scale and large scope projects, we ensure that projects proceed on time and within budget. We match scope of team, and work to client needs. 

Stephanie White

Leading the team, Stephanie White is an accomplished Art/Creative Director specializing in the launch and redesign/rebrand of multi-platform magazines. She has taken her vast editorial experience to brand content creation and is currently working with several key clients on projects varied in scope and creativity. She has strong communication skills and a keen ability to collaborate with ease within a team or leadership role. Her broad experience in photoshoot/video production, from fashion & beauty, to food, decor, gardens, travel and kids is well documented in print and digital channels around the globe. 


A few favourite things…

Period-piece movies, mid-century modern design, typography, flowers,
the lake, the coast, travelling to far-off places and yoga.


Michele Perry

Michele Perry is a charming mix of creativity and task master. She has worked on several projects as an illustrator for the United Way of Greater Toronto’s website and RBC. As our resident Production Co-ordinator she ensures (and loves) having client projects run smoothly, seamlessly and with absolute efficiency.

A few favourite things…

Really hot coffee, fluffy dogs, off-beat contemporary fiction, her iPad Pro, pink peonies, family road trips, scorching summer days and cold lakes. And babies, of course babies.

Lauren Emery

As a multidisciplinary creative, Lauren Emery has been producing visual solutions for seven years. With a background in advertising and fashion, Lauren continues to explore her passion of art direction, editorial and graphic design. Lauren loves to work on-set for photo shoots, art direct illustrators as well as to create editorial layouts. She has a keen eye for the details!

A few favourite things…

Creating something new, finding vinyl at the thrift store, interior design, oat milk lattes, and the snake plant in her living room


Alanna Cavanagh,


Stephanie is one of my
favourite creative directors to work with. She's organized, enthusiastic, clear in her direction, and very encouraging during the creative process. ​I always feel 100% supported when
I work with her. 

Vanessa Lee,

CEO, Cruise Strategies Ltd

It has been an absolute delight to work with Steph and her team on several magazine projects.  We love her creativity and wonderful attitude and the way she handles our publishing 

requirements. The magazines look great, have a fresh, new approach and feel and are beautiful too.

Fina Scroppo,

Author, The Healthy Italian

Stephanie was the clear choice as the designer for my book. She brought my vision to life with a clean, fresh palette, artistic creativity and meticulous attention to detail. I’m so grateful for her work, guidance and patience throughout the entire design process.

Adam Waxman,

Associate Publisher,

DINE And Destinations Magazine

Stephanie has been our glorious art director at DINE and Destinations magazine for the past four years. She makes each page unique and yet somehow flow into the next. Every page is worth looking
at and admiring. She is easy to work with and works effortlessly under pressure. We are always excited and proud to work with her. She works quickly, creatively, seamlessy, and elevates our magazine to a unique sophistication.

Geneviève Caron,


Stephanie carries both a logical mind and a creative brain, bringing both to every project for a 360 degree view. She is a quick thinker, a quick decision maker, with an impeccable instinct to create content that is rich in emotion.
I really appreciate her deep understanding of photographic process. She knows how to trust and be patient while magic is being created. She is also aboslutely outstanding at motivating everyone on set with her calm and professionalism. Not a micro manager, she manages seemlessly large productions while keeping
the direction clear.

Callie Broaddus,

National Geographic Kids

Working with Steph is a breath of fresh air in an industry often crowded with inflated egos and stubborn pushback. Steph's cheery nature and willingness to view designs from different perspectives make her a fantastic partner for any project!

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